Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour

DSCN1791My travelling companion and I were passing through Tennessee as part of our road trip of the US when, out of nowhere, an idea popped into my head. ‘Isn’t Jack Daniel’s made in Tennessee? Why don’t we call in and do a tour?’ It was thus decided that, at the very last moment, we would alter our course and head to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. It was a close shave, but we just about made it in time for the day’s final tour. Phew! Continue reading

A Man v. Food Odyssey

foodI don’t really watch much TV (it’s all repeats!) but if I have the telly on for background noise while I do something else it’s usually foodie or travel shows. A few years back, I was fairly obsessed with Man v. Food and every time I went to stay with friends across the pond I badgered them to take me to places that had featured in Adam Richman’s travels. I then undertook a road trip around the States and, whenever possible, my travel companion and I would stop off at joints that have likewise featured on the show. Below is a list of Man v. Food places we managed to take in (and at the bottom a few that I think could have featured, but haven’t), a bit of information about them and my personal rating (out of 5). Continue reading