South America: Thoughts and Helpful Hints

bocaAs I travelled across Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina I was constantly jotting down little facts and titbits that I thought might be useful to share with other would-be travellers when I got home. In this short blog article I share a few of the things I noted in the hope that other folk will find them useful when preparing for their trip to South America. Continue reading

My Food and Drink Guide to South America

chorrillanaLet’s be honest, you don’t go to South America for its culinary delights and, once you return home, it’s unlikely you’ll go out of your way to find a Peruvian restaurant near your home. That said, there are a few dishes and snacks that are worth keeping an eye out for if you do decide on a lap of the continent. On the other hand, each country has their own unique beverages which are well worth trying. In this blog I’ve listed a few of my favourites foods and drinks from my recent South American trip. Continue reading