Bolivia: Uyuni Salt Flats and Beyond

saltflast1I’d heard mixed reports about Salt Flat tours in Bolivia so it was with some trepidation that I booked a three day, two night tour starting in Uyuni and ending in Chile. Some people swore it was the best thing they’d done in South America while others lamented it as little more than a boring and drawn out drive. In the end my worry was for naught as, after an admittedly less than auspicious start, the tour proved to be one of the highlights of my South American adventure. Continue reading

Iguazu Falls: A Real Creature Feature

parksignIguazu Falls sits on the border of Argentina and Brazil and is the largest waterfall system in the world. People often visit both sides as it is said they offer completely different experiences of this great natural wonder. In addition to the roaring walls of cascading water, Iguazu also offers visitors the chance to spot a massively varied collection of wildlife from colourful birds, enormous reptiles and cheeky racoon-like creatures. Continue reading