Siem Reap

DSCN3236If you plan to visit Angkor Wat and its surrounding temples you will likely find yourself staying in or around Siem Reap. Whilst Siem Reap is relatively small, it has plenty to offer. There are a wide range of restaurants to choose from serving all kinds of cuisine (Khmer to Swiss to American and even insects!) and plenty of opportunities to grab some souvenirs or unwind with a full body massage or spa treatment. Continue reading

Siem Reap: Eat, Drink and Stay

Places to eat and drink

DSCN3398Bugs Cafe (Insects)

When I discovered the Bugs Cafe on TripAdvisor prior to my trip to Siem Reap I thought, well, just think of the photographs I can get from that place when I go to Cambodia! I set my mind on going. I told all my friends about it. I promised them I’d be telling them all the gory details once I’d eaten all those weird creepy crawlies. Continue reading