Myanmar General Information

moatAre you interested in coming to Myanmar for a visit? If so you have come to the right place. In this blog entry I have pulled together what I believe to be useful information for anyone planning to come here, gathered over the long weeks I have spent living in Yangon and Mandalay. I have attempted to be as truthful as possible in my analysis of the country and what it can offer, so read on to find out about the good and bad aspects of a trip to Myanmar. Continue reading

Learning the Lingo – Japanese

Sunflower-and-Crab-Ice-CreamGoing to Japan can be intimidating – I speak from prior experience! You arrive in a country with an alien culture and an even more alien language system and you can find yourself floundering as a result. When I moved to Japan in 2007 I went with no language proficiency whatsoever and, for the first few weeks, I struggled, relying on my housemates at the time to explain things to me and bail me out of difficult situations. If you’re planning on going to Japan, even for a short period, it is definitely worth familiarising yourself with two of their alphabets – Katakana and Hiragana – as they will make your time there a little easier. At the very least it might stop you accidentally ordering crab flavoured ice cream! Continue reading