Lake Windermere, Bowness and Ambleside

DSCN3836For many people tourism in England begins and ends in London. Those unadventurous and unlucky souls don’t know what they are missing out on! The North of England has an almost endless list of interesting landmarks and places of outstanding natural beauty.  The famous Lake District National Park houses a great number of these spots. Of all its awe-inspiring bodies of water, Lake Windermere and its surrounding towns and villages are, for me, the most beautiful and inspiring. Continue reading

Top Tips to Best Enjoy Japan

shibuyaJapan is a great place to visit. It has a lot to offer and there’s enough to do in Tokyo alone to fill ten holidays. Some travellers might be taken in by the bright lights and futuristic appearance of the big cities and forget to look beyond the boundaries of these bustling metropolises. Some people might be turned off a visit entirely owing to the fallacy of unavoidably high costs within the country. Some folk might be overwhelmed by the innumerable choice of activities available to them and struggle for a place to start. I have put together this list of ‘top tips’ (picked up when I lived in the country) to assist any potential visitors to Japan. I hope they come in handy and go some way to helping you plan and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in one of the best countries on earth! Continue reading

A Man v. Food Odyssey

foodI don’t really watch much TV (it’s all repeats!) but if I have the telly on for background noise while I do something else it’s usually foodie or travel shows. A few years back, I was fairly obsessed with Man v. Food and every time I went to stay with friends across the pond I badgered them to take me to places that had featured in Adam Richman’s travels. I then undertook a road trip around the States and, whenever possible, my travel companion and I would stop off at joints that have likewise featured on the show. Below is a list of Man v. Food places we managed to take in (and at the bottom a few that I think could have featured, but haven’t), a bit of information about them and my personal rating (out of 5). Continue reading

Kiev: Eat, Drink and Stay

Places to eat and drink

shatoSlavutych Shato Brewery (Ukrainian)

In Kiev you rejoice when you stumble upon a place with an English menu. Shato is one such place. Although it is pricey by Kiev standards it is definitely worth a visit thanks to its English speaking staff, English menu, great view for people watching and tasty beer. You’ll recognise it easily owing to the giant pint glass sign hanging above its entrance! Continue reading